As I sat down to write this blog, scanning all the thoughts in my head, I kept staring at the blank page on my computer screen.  The little blinking line on the paper sitting still, with no motion, no direction, and no words to come from it.

It was simply, a blank page.

Then I thought, “How incredible that I have a blank page in front of me, that I can create anything I want on.”  In that moment, while staring at the glare of the white “paper” in Microsoft Word, it wasn’t anything.  The magic, however, is that it could be anything!

By this point, while it can still go in a couple different directions, this blog is now about a moment in time, in which I had unlimited possibilities.  Then, I made a choice, and my possibilities were narrowed.  While I could still go off on a tangent and not relate any of the front end of this blog to the back end, I know that this now has a direction it is moving in.  It no longer exists in infinite possibility, but limited possibility.  All because I made a choice.

And how amazing is that a metaphor for life?  Every choice we make, brings us closer to one thing, and further from something else.  Prior to making that choice, we truly have unlimited possibilities that we can choose from.  The scope of what I could have written about was endless.  Heck, I didn’t even have to write.  I could have made some sort of art using only symbols, numbers, and letters, if I had that kind of talent, or chose to learn that.  I chose to focus on the blank page.  The empty canvass that every masterpiece by every artist ever conceived started as.  Before the first brush stroke.  Every novel, before the first letter was typed onto that paper.  From nothing, anything was possible.

Our lives are no different.  We make some choices, and some things get taken from us.  If you choose to marry someone, the choice to date someone else gets taken away. (In theory, since you could date someone while married, but I’m making a point.)  Each choice takes us closer to something, and further from something else.  But that blank canvass, it sits in infinite possibilities.  It is not bound by any laws, by any rules, by any governing body.  Nothingness has nothing, until you fill it with something.  Choice, ideas, actions, inactions, beliefs, habits, reactions and more fill the spaces until that nothing is indeed something.  So what are you creating?

Did you know there’s millions of ways for you to make millions of dollars?  You may not see it because you’re fixed by certain “realities” in your life.  “My job only pays $100,000 a year, that’s quite a bit short of a million.”  You might say.  Yet I didn’t say you were going to make a million dollars from that.  I said that there are a million ways you could make a million dollars!  If you’re thinking about where you are, and only where you are, then you will be limited by only what you have.  But why stop there?

The magic is, that we always have a blank canvass.  We can always start again.  I could delete this entire blog, and start over on a different topic.  I could publish this blog AND start another creation.  Another masterpiece.  So what is your masterpiece?  The one you have been waiting your whole life to create, yet too involved in “what is” to see “what’s possible”?

I’ve always wanted to do a 1 day seminar that teaches people how to make a million dollars in one day.  I would get 10 people to take this seminar, and charge them $100,000 and guarantee them I can show them how to make a million dollars in one day.  Great investment, right?  Getting one million dollars from a 100,000 investment?  I’ll take it any day.  Then, I’ll get them into the seminar room and say “I’ve just proven to you how you can make a million dollars in one day.  Sell 10 people a $100,000 seminar that promises to show them how to make a million dollars in one day, guaranteed.”

I wouldn’t do that, of course, but what it does show is a possibility, right?  That’s where I’m going with this.  You ALWAYS have a blank canvass to create what you want to create.  You can always choose “Today I’m going to do THIS!” regardless of what happened in the past, regardless of what you have or don’t have at the time.  Want a better relationship?  Create it today by doing something you haven’t done yet.  Commit to it like you’ve never committed to anything.  Don’t worry about what was said yesterday, or the day, or year before.  Make it happen NOW.  This is a brand new moment, and every moment of your life can be a brand new moment if you choose it to be.  An empty canvass to create your masterpiece.  Or simply a blank page staring at you on a computer screen.

Create your masterpiece, whether it’s wealth, success, self esteem, confidence, power, intimate relationships, better job, a new house, or whatever it is that you want.  Start from the end, and work your way backwards, but START!  Think, “If I want a $300,000 house, then what can I do right now to create $300,000?”  Just because you didn’t create it before, doesn’t mean it’s not possible.  It simply takes you doing something you haven’t done before.  It takes being in the realm of possibilities, without evidence that you have in your life that you may think shows you that you can’t.  Because you can.  You WILL, when you choose it NOW.

What will you do with your blank page?  The possibilities are endless.  Good luck!

Yours in Transformation,

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