I’m going to have you read a sentence.  Once you do, take a few seconds to reflect on that sentence, then read it one more time before moving on.


Whatever you are doing in any moment, you are training your brain to get better at it.

Did you take a few moments to ponder just how powerful that sentence is?  If it doesn’t seem to be that powerful, let me add this.  Whatever you are doing in any moment….  That means what thoughts you are having, what you are telling yourself, what you are studying, what you are practicing, what you are not doing, what you are thinking, and what you are saying is not only becoming real, but you are teaching yourself to be better at it.  Are you procrastinating?  Well, you’re training your brain to be better at it.  Telling yourself that you’re not good enough?  You’re getting better at not being good enough.  Tell yourself you have the power and confidence to do anything you want?  Taking action in your life for the things that you want? Well, you’re getting better at that too.

The brain has certain neural pathways.  When you learn something, your neural circuits are altered in your brain.  These circuits are composed of a number of neurons (nerve cells) that communicate with one another through special junctions called synapses.  What does that mean? Well, each and every time you tell yourself you’re not good enough, you are reinforcing that neural pathway, making it harder and harder to believe anything else about yourself.

Now does that sentence seem powerful? It should, because it is.  And the fact is, that our beliefs, especially the ones that we believe about ourselves, are reinforced over and over again.  So if you’re telling yourself you’re a failure, you will have a much different brain than if you’re telling yourself over and over again that you are successful.

One of the things that I tell my clients is to say things out loud.  It does a few things.  One, it becomes “real”.  When you have thoughts in your head, they can easily be manipulated, explained, or discarded.  Imagine this:  You say in your head, “I’m going to go to Italy this May.”  You may or may not go, you may or may not plan, and, if you only say it in passing thought, you probably won’t go.  Now, say that same sentence to a friend.  It becomes REAL.  It becomes part of your reality, and part of someone else’s as well.  It has more substance and weight on it, and you will now be accountable for something, whether you do it or not.  When I’m teaching subconscious sales, I tell people to say their words over and over.  You need to train your brain to get better at incorporating the language.  It becomes much more powerful and effective.  The same goes for the things you say about yourself.  It’s easy to bash yourself internally, yet harder to say it out loud.  We don’t want to make those thoughts “real”.  Yet if you start telling yourself positive things out loud, they become more powerful as well, and you start training your brain to get better at that!

So imagine now, choosing to be powerful.  Imagine choosing to be confident, to speak with power, to describe yourself in powerful terms.  You will create neural pathways that will begin to support those ideas!  You will train your brain to get better at being better!

When I hypnotize someone, not only do I reprogram those pathways, I leave you with what’s called a “post hypnotic trigger”.  A word or phrase that you will say out loud, that will reinforce the new programming, and create these new neural pathways!  In other words, you’re programmed for success!

And you can start doing this by yourself right now.  You may be thinking “That sounds kind of weird, to be saying things about myself out loud”, and you will be training your brain to be better at thinking and feeling that.  The next thing you know, the neural pathway you create will now prevent you from doing that, and reinforcing the positive.  So do it even if it feels weird.  Wouldn’t you gladly do something weird for a few minutes a day, if it creates more wealth, power, and confidence in your life?  Wouldn’t you take the time when you’re driving alone to work to say some really great things to yourself about you to create self esteem, and self worth?  Remember, whatever you are doing in any given moment, you’re training your brain to get better at it.

What are you training your brain to think about you?  And what action are you going to take now, to create neural pathways that make you feel amazing, and get amazing results in your life?  The choice is yours.

Yours in Transformation,

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